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Updated: Sep 7, 2010

An Important Chance for LDN

Letter from the Editor—September 7, 2010:

After many long years of waiting, a unique opportunity has arisen to reach the goal of genuine medical acceptance for LDN. A physician named Tomasz Sablinski, who is both a well-trained specialist and also a man with a very strong background in the pharmaceutical industry, has committed himself to breaking through the barriers in the system that block important but ignored discoveries such as LDN.

He has joined with Daniel Reda, founder of the online site CureTogether, to form a plan for LDN that may well succeed, with the help of the Internet and the concerned members of the LDN-Yahoo Group. Please read their proposal, which follows.

We urge all members to consider participating in this promising moment, which could help bring official acknowledgment to low dose naltrexone, and thereby make LDN more readily available to the entire world.

David Gluck, MD
Editor, www.ldninfo.org

[N.B. – The editor has no formal affiliation with and no financial interest in either TLS or CureTogether.]

An Open Letter to the LDN Community

If you use or prescribe Low-Dose Naltrexone, we would like to invite you to share your experience and be part of a new kind of participatory research. LDN is currently used "off-label" by thousands of patients worldwide who are inconvenienced and frustrated by its lack of official recognition by the medical community.

A start-up drug development company, Transparency Life Sciences (TLS), is interested in performing LDN community driven clinical trials of LDN for several conditions, if it gets enough interest from patients, health care providers, and funders. TLS' method is based on a unique, groundbreaking, transparent model of drug development, which combines crowdsourcing with modern health care information technology. The efficiency of this method has the potential to bring LDN to regulatory approval, and thus to patients, without the increase of costs to customers typically associated with an introduction of a new medication to the market.

Your voice is important in making this happen, so that LDN can be properly studied. As a first step we suggest you visit www.curetogether.com, a consumer driven Health 2.0 company that brings patients with hundreds of conditions together in overlapping data communities, to share and learn from each other privately. We invite you to anonymously answer a few questions about your symptoms and treatments. This contribution to the community will allow TLS to assess the potential interest in LDN clinical studies, and decide which condition to study first.

If we have enough initial interest, we will reach out to the LDN community again to design and participate in these open source clinical studies.

Thank you for being a part of changing how research is done, and helping research go forward on LDN.

Best regards,
Tomasz Sablinski MD, Founder of TLS
Daniel Reda, Founder of CureTogether

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